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Defending You In Credit Card Theft Cases

Credit card theft is a serious crime. As more and more people rely on credit cards, fraud continues to grow too. Theft crimes connected to credit cards are harsh in New York, leading to felony and misdemeanor charges. The penalties that await you include incarceration, costly jail fines, probation and community service.

If you face credit card theft charges, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney. Michael D. Horn, Esq., in Astoria, New York, is an experienced negotiator and litigator having represented many people accused of such crimes. He will advocate for you and conduct investigations while gaining a thorough understanding of your case.

Internet Scams And Other Methods

Credit card theft is typically tied to identity theft. And more and more of these occurrences stem from online schemes relying on spyware and malware, often installed on websites with poor security. Consumers unwittingly provide personal and sensitive information just by visiting a malware-infested website. Some other instances of credit card theft include:

  • Stealing or finding someone else’s credit card and using it
  • Using equipment known as “skimmers” to create counterfeit credit cards
  • Abusing the elderly by fraudulently using their credit cards
  • Obtaining credit cards through fraudulent card applications online or in the mail

Credit card theft charges can ruin or complicate your life. As a result, it may be difficult to obtain a job as more employers rely on background checks. Also, if you fraudulently use a family member’s or a loved one’s credit card, you may tarnish that relationship for years to come.

Mr. Horn and his skilled team will do their best to get such charges reduced or dismissed. As a true litigator, he also is prepared to take your case to trial.

Call Us Now, And We Can Assist

If you face criminal charges related to credit card theft, you are in deep trouble. Prison, jail, fines and restitution may await. You don’t want or need this. Michael D. Horn, Esq., in Astoria, New York, is a skilled criminal defense attorney who will do his best in representing you. He offers free consultations, so please contact him online or call 718-777-7717.