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Solid Defense In Prescription Drug Fraud Cases

Prescription drug fraud can cast a wide net, capturing doctors, patients, businesses, clinics and pharmacies. Being investigated and accused of prescription drug fraud can have a traumatic effect on your personal and professional life. You face incarceration and fines. And, if you are a health care professional, you may face losing your license over allegations such as forging prescriptions, Medicare fraud and dispensing too much medication to patients.

Micahel D. Horn, Esq., in Astoria, New York, is an experienced criminal defense attorney who is prepared to represent you. A skilled lawyer, Mr. Horn will diligently work to get the charges reduced or dismissed. And as an experienced litigator, he also is prepared to defend you in a courtroom.

A True Litigator Helping You Overcome Charges

The painkilling drugs known as opioids are among the most misused prescription drugs. This group includes drugs such as fentanyl, codeine, morphine and heroin. Opioid addiction often is at the root of prescription drug fraud, which can come in many forms such as:

  • Forging prescriptions
  • Improperly billing Medicare or Medicaid, thus ripping off the government
  • Providing medication to people who do not need it, including drug addicts
  • Using invalid prescriptions to dispense medication to someone
  • Stealing the prescriptions of other people
  • Doling out too many or too few pills to patients
  • Making false claims and misrepresenting yourself to doctors and pharmacists in order to obtain prescription drugs
  • Purchasing prescription drugs online
  • Accepting payment or some form of compensation from referring physicians

Prescription drug fraud is serious and can lead to state or federal charges. If you have been accused of prescription drug fraud, our reliable team is prepared to represent you. Mr. Horn is an experienced criminal defense attorney and a skilled litigator.

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When you need a skilled defense attorney who focuses on details and getting results, you need Micahel D. Horn, Esq., in Astoria, New York. A solid defense attorney and true litigator, Mr. Horn and his team will do their best to get prescription drug fraud charges reduced or dismissed. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call 718-777-7717.