Protecting Your Constitutional Rights Against Accusations of Fraud or Embezzlement

If you have been charged with a white collar crime like fraud or embezzlement, you are up against one of the fastest changing areas of law. As a result of all of the financial scandals that have taken place in the last several years, new laws are regularly being put into place to shore up the financial sector in an attempt to protect citizens against a multitude of Ponzi schemes, cons and scams.

If you have been accused of stealing credit card numbers or bank fraud, you need to have an experienced defense attorney who understands these laws and how they are changing. Your initial consultation is free, so call 718-777-7717 or send us an email now.

At the law firm of Michael D. Horn, Esq., Attorney at Law, we consistently help people who have been accused of many different financial crimes. After 25 years of criminal defense practice, Michael D. Horn knows the relevant accounting rules and works with forensic accountants to uncover possible mistakes in the prosecution's case or to show that the money trail may actually lead elsewhere. Mr. Horn will work diligently on your behalf and give you the best possible representation.

The Penalties for Financial Crimes Are Harsh

Financial crimes are carrying higher penalties as more people suffer from their effects. Mr. Horn can help if you have been accused of a New York or federal financial crime, such as:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Mail or wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Securities or investment fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Mortgage or real estate fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Health care or Medicaid fraud
  • Unemployment fraud
  • Workers' compensation fraud
  • Business or corporate fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Enterprise-level corruption

Michael D. Horn's experience in this area, his up-to-date knowledge of the law and his well-earned respect from the lawyers for the prosecution and the judges he works with regularly will be to your advantage as he pursues justice for you.

Attention to Detail Is Key in Financial Crimes

The prosecution is interested in getting a conviction to show that it is being tough on this kind of crime. Mr. Horn will examine every detail of the prosecution's evidence against you, analyzing it for every possible defect or to mitigate any penalty. He will keep you informed of all progress and be honest with you in his assessment of your situation.

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