There Is Nothing Quite as Complex as White Collar and Financial Crime Cases

In response to the collapse of Enron and other business scandals, the federal government introduced the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to protect shareholders from fraudulent business practices. The government also increased the penalties for individuals accused of committing white collar crimes. Swift legal action is required to prevent an indictment or mitigate serious accusations involving white collar crimes.

Decades of Experience Defending People Against White Collar Crimes

If you believe prosecutors are investigating you in connection to a white collar crime, obtain experienced legal counsel. Federal and state prosecutors devote substantial resources investigating white collar allegations. Often, a strong case is developed well before criminal charges are made.

Defense attorney Michael D. Horn, Esq., has the skills and legal resources to defend your rights. He has 25 years of experience handling high-stake cases. He is prepared to develop a strong defense strategy and will seek to mitigate any potential ramifications. Contact our office in Astoria to set up a free initial consultation to learn how he can protect your rights

A Veteran Defense Attorney Working for You

White collar crimes refer to nonviolence crimes that are typically committed by individuals with access to sensitive financial information. These cases generally involve a long trail of financial information. The right defense attorney will know how to sift through a maze of information to protect your best interests. Attorney Michael Horn has decades of experience successfully defending clients, even when prosecutors seem to have built a strong case against individuals accused of:

  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Conspiracy or involvement in a criminal enterprise

Mr. Horn will press the prosecution to prove its case, instead of relying on circumstantial evidence. Just because you may have worked at a company that was involved in questionable or criminal activity, it does not make you guilty. Mr. Horn will review all the financial records involved to develop a strong case for you. He will seek to uncover any inconsistencies or false assumptions made by the prosecution.

If the charges cannot be dropped, Mr. Horn will fight for a not-guilty verdict or a lower sentence. He is fully prepared to show you were not in a position of influence when the criminal activity allegedly occurred and should not be held responsible for other's actions. Mr. Horn also has a strong background developing strong defenses based on an innocent oversight instead of a criminal intent. He will evaluate every angle possible when defending your rights.

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