Skillful, Committed Arson Defense

Arson is the act of recklessly burning a building or structure without the owner's consent. The severity of the charge is determined by potential damage to people in or near the fire, the type of structure and the type of fire set. Much of this is determined by witnesses to the fire as well as thorough investigation by the fire marshal.

Tamping Down the Flames of an Arson Charge

For the past 25 years, criminal defense lawyer Michael D. Horn, Esq., has been defending clients throughout New York City against arson charges. He knows firsthand the complexity of defending against arson allegations.

Mr. Horn will listen to your account of events and will ask for further details so he can form an effective defense strategy. He will then thoroughly examine the prosecution's evidence against you, looking for inconsistencies and weaknesses he can use to deconstruct and destroy the prosecution's case.

Mr. Horn will consult experts in the field, while reviewing witness statements and police reports. He will review every angle possible when seeking to uncover any evidence that can be used in your favor. Contact our office today to learn how we can protect your rights during a free consultation.

Do Not Underestimate Arson Penalties

There are five different levels of arson charges. Four of them are felonies. Felony arson charges mean you will be facing at a minimum, probation and jail time for potentially 25 years or more, depending on the severity of the damage done.

Beyond possible imprisonment and fines, an arrest can remain on your record, showing up in background checks whenever you apply for a job, apply for a loan, apply for school and in some cases, try to find a place to live. You can't afford to let criminal charges stand. You need a well-respected trial lawyer to defend your rights.

Being Accused of a Property Crime Does Not Mean You Are Guilty

The police and the prosecution are committed to securing a conviction, not necessarily in discovering the truth or finding out who actually committed the crime. Attorney Michael Horn recognizes this and will work with you to develop the most effective defense in your situation. He will consult with you when forming the best plan for your defense. Mr. Horn will investigate every possible defense strategy, while looking for all available avenues of reasonable doubt, mitigation or justification.

Contact Us Now for a Free Consultation About Your Arson Charge

If you have been accused of reckless burning, you cannot afford to deal with the prosecution on your own. Michael D. Horn has decades of experience handling arson charges throughout New York City. Contact our law firm to learn how he can mount an effective defense strategy during a free consultation.

Law enforcement doesn't stop working at night and neither should we. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address your pressing concerns. Our main office is located in Astoria, Queens, but f you are incarcerated, Mr. Horn can travel to you. Our staff speaks Spanish. Credit card payments are accepted.