He's not just a great reputable attorney who's mastered his field of expertise with decades of experience. He's a friend who listens to your problems, and help you analyze and resolve to the best possible solutions, and a friend who fights for you when your defensively over powered by a bully. He's always there to pick up the phone when you dial (or sometimes a couple minutes delayed text message when busy) and still takes time to listen and answer. Very knowledgeable and reliable. So he's not just an attorney, but also a friend. Overall, he is your best decision, and that's why he deserves this referral.


Dear Mr. Horn

We would like to thank you for representing our daughter at such a trying time in our lives. You helped us understand the legal process and made it so much easier for us. Your knowledge of the law and your explanations in layman's terms made us feel much more at ease. It was very impressive at a point in court when it was evident that your understanding of a law surpassed that of the representatives for the city and even that of the judge itself. Your professionalism and your sense of humor calmed our anxiety and helped us move forward with our lives. Once again, thank you for your help and should we ever encounter any legal issues we will have no problem in seeking your aid. And if we know anyone else who needs legal assistance, we will always highly recommend you.

Best regards.

Michael was able to get my criminal case dismissed after he won the suppression hearings and the judge precluded the prosecution from using most of the evidence the police collected.

I highly recommend his services! Michael was always completely prepared, fully in control of the situation with a friendly demeanor and a patient attitude. While he was able to negotiate a good deposition, I preferred to fully litigate the issue, as I was confident of my innocence. Michael was supportive and did a great job showing the judge how the police failed to follow the law and rushed to judgment.

If you want an excellent attorney who knows how to make the system work for you, I recommend Michael Horn.



October 1, 2013

Mr. Horn is a TOP criminal attorney in the Queens County court system. He is very knowledgeable in his field and is extremely dedicated to his clients. He is also very well known within the court system and this helps him move the case along expeditiously. Mr. Horn gets things done. He thinks out of the box and this is exactly what is needed in order to successfully try cases. Mr. Horn is very sensitive to his client's often difficult situations and we will recommend him to anyone in need.



May 26, 2013

To Whom It May Concern, I would highly like to recommend Attorney, Michael Horn to anyone in need of an attorney. Michael is extremely knowledgeable in Criminal law and knows how to deal with complex issues which can arise in a court setting. In the courtroom, Michael seemed very comfortable and is well respected by his peers in the Queens County Court system. Michael is very meticulous, professional and detail oriented and completes all paperwork completely and accurately leaving little room for disputes from other attorneys.

I had a Criminal Case facing my 1st Felony and originally was using a public defender, but quickly realized that it would be a big mistake. After being involved in a bad relationship, all of a sudden I found myself being accused of being abusive, committing the crime of felony strangulation. I was devastated by the accusations and had a hard time dealing with my ex fiancé who also had an Order of Protection placed upon me.

I hired Michael Horn in March of 2013 to represent me in this case removing the public defender who I felt was doing nothing to help me in this case. Thank God I had Michael Horn to represent me. Michael was able to negotiate a deal that I never thought I would get that avoided me from pleading guilty to a felony. Many times I called, and texted Michael frustrated concerning my situation and just wanting to share my experience and Michael was always there to listen, and always reinsured me that everything will be Ok... Michael felt that I was a sure to win of the case if I took it all the way to trial, but I just wanted to get it over with as long as I wouldn't have a my 1st felony on my record.

Thanks to Michael Horn the case turned out positive for me, and I do not have a felony on my record. I would never use another attorney and have to recommend Michael Horn to my friends and peers if they are ever in need of a great Criminal Attorney.

Sincerely yours,
Ed Yearwood

Thank You so much for your assistance in resolving our sons case.
You intervened swiftly and the respectful treatment you gave our Family was wonderful.
You are truly a Lawyer with a HEART who Really CARES.

God Bless..

Thank You from Phillip and Dianne Jones

I met Mr Michael Horn in the year 2012 during a very stressful time when he was appointed by the courts to be my attorney. He was very committed to the task, doing it with passion and keen interest, not only in my case but in my well being as a person. Mr Horn took every effort to reassure me giving me the well needed confidence and legal advice , I was dealt with as a person and not as another case, despite being assigned by the court and not retained at my own expense, my case by no means was dealt with in a substandard manner. His enthusiasm and ardent desire to assist me was phenomenal. And for all that you have done in giving me my life back I thank you...

Trevor Morris


Thanks Mike for taking my case. I really appreciated how you kept me informed every step of the way with real answers to every question I had. My family and I are so grateful that you didn’t except the DA‘s offer and fought to win my case. The way you represented me in court and the relationship you have with your peers on both sides of the bench, assured me that I was in good hands with a most capable and respected attorney. I will gladly refer my family and friends to you because I know that you will put in the work necessary to win a case. MIKE YOU ARE A WINNER TO ME!!!


I hired Michael Horn with what seemed like an impossible case; my bail was remanded, I had several out of state warrants and was facing extradition, yet through his diligence not only did he get all of the warrants vacated but actually had me released. His dedication and effort may have actually saved my life. If you are in search of a lawyer that truly cares about you and your situation and will give you his full attention and the desire to see you get from out of your current problem, then you won’t find a better lawyer in New York than Michael Horn.

Jeff Ostby


I would like to thank you for the representation you provided on my behalf during my recent encounter with the justice system of New York state. Someone invades my home with a gun and I became the victim even though I was at work. There is something wrong with that picture. Michael I am glad that people like you are around to fight these types of injustices. This all happened to me out of the blue and I don’t know what I would have done if I had not found and obtained your law firm to assistant me in the matter.

Michael before you got involved in this case, I was dealing with a law firm that did not have my best interest at heart. It was all about the money. Once I decided to change my case to you, everything changed in my favor. I sat in your office and told you the whole story of what took place. Once I was finished you looked at me and said, "I would love to take your case." I am extremely glad you did. The entire time my case was pending you never let me down. I never felt pressured by you to make a decision out of fear of what the outcome could be. You always had my back. You were always on point with all aspect of the case and I am grateful. This should have never happened to me. As you know, This was my first time dealing with the New York City Criminal Justice System. Until now, what I knew about the system I learnt from TV. The two good things that came out of this case were: meeting you, a man of integrity and I found out that there are people who do care about the rights of innocent. Don’t get me wrong I was happy to be set free. This was directly related to your vigorous defense of me. All charges were dismissed and I was found not guilty. I can finally say that my nightmare is over.

This ordeal will never be forgotten by me as long as I live. This was a traumatic event in my life. God was with me throughout the process. I again thank you for you and your law firm for your representation of me during the situation. I don’t know what I would have done without you. May God continue to bless you and your law firm.