Defending Your Constitutional Rights Against Illegal Search and Seizure

The Fourth Amendment of our constitution guarantees our right not to be subject to unreasonable searches or seizures of ourselves or our property. This includes not having our phone conversations, texts and emails put under surveillance without robust judicial oversight.

Yet in our world of modern technology, the police find more and more ways to intrude upon our privacy whenever and however they deem suitable. Sometimes they go too far. When this happens, you need a smart, relentless criminal defense attorney to protect your constitutional rights.

Queens County issues more warrants for wiretaps than any other place in the country. If you have been the subject of a wiretap or if you have been arrested on evidence from a wiretap, you need an attorney to discover if the wiretap was based on inaccurate, stale or illegally obtained information and move to controvert that warrant as well as all the evidence derived from the warrant.

Fighting the Good Fight Against Illegal, Warrantless Wiretapping

With 25 years of experience defending the rights of individuals who have been caught up in the endless net of wiretapping to fight the "war on drugs," the law firm of Michael D. Horn, Esq., Attorney at Law, will work diligently to prevent your freedom from being taken away.

Mr. Horn will thoroughly review the evidence the police gathered and examine the warrant itself to see if it was correctly executed, properly obtained, or determine if you were caught in a "trap" or if you were a legitimate target of the investigation. He will use this information to get an acquittal in your case or get the charges against you reduced.

Law Enforcement Knows Every Trick in the Book. So Do We.

The police are interested in getting convictions and winning the "war on drugs." They are not interested in protecting your rights. They will use every method available to them, including unlawful surveillance, electronic license plate readers and putting a GPS tracking device on your car, to show the press and public that they are taking action.

But the tools and records created by "Big Brother" can also be used to set you free. Mr. Horn has used these government records to create reasonable doubt as to his clients' whereabouts and intent. Whether you were arrested for a drug conspiracy or drug sale and distribution, you need a creative and accomplished trial lawyer on your side.

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