Don't Get Caught Up In The Narcotics Net

The police may charge groups of people with conspiracy to sell drugs, whether everyone was involved or not. You may have been hanging out at a friend's house when a drug bust happened and he or she was caught in possession or charged with intent to sell. Unfortunately, the police can charge you with conspiracy, just because you were in the same place. If this has happened to you, you need the help of an experienced, protective defense attorney.

At the law firm of Michael D. Horn, Esq., Attorney at Law, we have been defending people against drug charges for 25 years. We understand that there are many situations in which a person can be accused of engaging in a conspiracy he or she wasn't even aware of. If you have been accused of a state or federal drug conspiracy, contact us right away for a free defense consultation.

Exposing the Defects of Circumstantial Evidence

In many conspiracy cases, the evidence against you may be circumstantial. A conspiracy occurs when two or more people agree to commit almost any unlawful act. Michael D. Horn will compare your retelling of events to those of the police, looking for evidence that proves you had no involvement in the alleged conspiracy. If required, he will consult with experts to gather the necessary information to show your lack of involvement.

Most conspiracy cases are handled at the federal level, where the FBI does a very good job of handing a neatly wrapped case to the federal prosecutors. It is important to have an experienced trial lawyer who knows what he is doing in these circumstances. It may prevent a long prison sentence and expensive fine.

"(Mr. Horn) works with knowledge and dignity, putting his whole soul into every aspect of the case and always made me feel reassured that everything would fall into place." —Sherine Gray, client whose son was represented by Mr. Horn

Aggressive Defense in 'Acting in Concert' Cases

The state equivalent of conspiracy charges is "acting in concert," meaning if you were in any way involved in a drug deal, for instance, giving a friend a ride to the place the bust goes down, the police may use a statutory presumption to charge you with acting in concert. Mr. Horn will work diligently to show that your intent was not to aid in a drug deal, merely to give your friend a ride.

Most criminal statutes require that the prosecution proves that a defendant knowingly or intentionally broke the law before a verdict of guilty can be reached. The statutory presumptions can be overcome with facts and circumstances evincing a defendant's innocent intent.

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